Notes from session held Tuesday 22 September (Burton and Garren Hall of Residence)

Pastoral care

Pastoral care is important. At B&G the ratio of one Senior Resident (SR) to 30 residents is about the right mix. The ‘floor’ community is good and builds a sense of belonging. An even smaller ratio would be better – so the more shy students have a chance to ‘break out of their shells’.

With the right SR ratio, a hall that has around 500 beds is fine. More than 500 beds – can risk losing the community feel.

SRs should share shifts. The deputy head should share rotations around as well. Better training for SRs around issues of security, drinking, mental health is important.


Really good quality WIFI in all rooms is critical.

Important to have a bar – it’s also a great place to make new friends

Many agreed that free laundry is important – it’s not a high cost but it is important that people wash their clothes regularly and some students may not wash clothes often because they can’t afford to.

A central focal point for each college (like kitchen or common areas) ensures that students mingle and integrate. This differentiates ANU from other Australian universities – like Monash and Melbourne. This should be something ANU sells. We get to meet people who will spread out around the world and stay friends forever.

Environmentally efficient buildings are important, things like sensor lighting.


Security is important (in common areas like laundries and kitchens as well as external areas). It could be a good idea to provide locks for kitchen areas.

Secure parking please.

Future Developments

The Daley Road residential experience is a very special place – if the University is to build new accommodation it should be built on Daley Road.

I’m concerned about the B&G students who are living close to the construction of the new building – most students don’t want to be woken up at 6.30am and there will be a lot of dust around that may impact the students. How will the University manage the noise and disruption of the construction zone?


Students do weigh up costs and this is an important consideration. I was prepared to give up a kitchen and other facilities for a traditional hall of residence experience.

Including the international students in bursary.

Full scholarships for SRs in the new accommodation should be considered.

Vice-Chancellor: Tariffs of the new accommodation building will be around the same as for B&G

Room allocation

How rooms are allocated … Are demographics taken into consideration? Many people who have similar tastes and needs seem to be split across all of the halls rather than kept together – this is seen to be an issue.

Can people who are auto allocated a room and can’t afford to live in that particular college appeal?

Lynda Mathey: Review of the auto allocation system has been undertaken and some changes were made to improve the system.


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